ATU makes a problem-solving process quick and effective.

This program (SUPPORT.EXE) is located into Kepler/Sirius root folder does the following:

1) Collects necessary files like INPUT.FIL and KWS.INI
2) Packs (ZIP) those into single solid file
3) Sends that to CP technical support

Also ATU collects Windows and PC hardware system information and places that into e-mail body.

You may launch ATU directly by clicking SUPPORT.EXE if KWS doesn't start or
from KWS Help-> Troubleshooting utility main menu in case KWS starts normally.

ATU DOESN'T collect or transmit any personal information,
only general technical details about the program and Windows version.

From top to bottom it is:
Registered user name and customer #
Windows version and root folder
Display resolution and number of colors
CPU type and RAM installed/available
PC time zone and DST info
Printers installed list with drivers version
An e-mail subject line consists of the word "Configuration of" + customer name+ number

The utility consists of following files:

SUPPORT.EXE -- main executable file
SUPPORT.LST -- list of the configuration files to be sent
SUPPORT.INI -- ATU own configuration
SUPPORT.INF -- system info, duplicate of e-mail body text

All operations require just several simple button clicks.
The buttons are numbered 1-4 and have to be clicked in that order.

The utility does not require a mail server information of mail program availability on customer's PC.
It uses a free local SMTP server from Sirius\FreeSMTP folder.